Sunday, April 21, 2013

Small Mysteries

Back at this one after several days away.  I try to work at least some whenever I can, but I also try to recognize those times when I lack the necessary energy and clarity to make good decisions.  When I'll likely only waste time, and I may fuck up a perfectly good drawing. 

The waterline I tried seemed forced, a pat response, unsatisfying resolution to the shapes above. Happily charcoal and graphite are forgiving. I like the way the stone forms emerge from this stand of trees.  How the trees soften, obscure, make me want to see further into those openings.

For me, these kinds of places are small mysteries.  I'm not looking for explanations, resolution: Mysteries resolved are no longer mysteries, and what fun is that.  I want the work to offer- to me, and to viewers- opportunity to wonder, imagine. As a friend said, "to find our own stories." So when I want to see more and can't, that's a good thing.

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Anonymous said...

I flipping love this drawing Mark. I saw it on Facebook and just thought I would nip round to your blog. What's in those openings? I'd love to explore there.