Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Failings Are Our Strengths

Looking at more compositional possibilities: Rotating the image a couple degrees clockwise to lessen the empty space at bottom left, and roughing in a new waterline.

I'd planned on refining the stand of trees, adding detail, shadows, etc. But this may be one of those times when the first take is as nearly as good as it's gonna get, or needs to. Doesn't happen often. As I've mentioned many times, I nearly always think I can make this or that element just that little bit better. And usually I can.  But sometimes I do the drawing much more harm than good. The trick, as always, is knowing when to leave well enough alone. Why's that so hard. But hey. Our failings are our strengths.

If I worked digitally I'd just add another layer, experiment in that, and so on.  At worst, no harm done.  Good thing I don't. Endless possibilities, no risk of pushing the paper too far- I'd probably never finish anything. 

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