Saturday, June 18, 2011

Prints at RedBubble

Happy that several of my drawings are now available as affordable prints, greeting cards, and posters at my RedBubble store. Click on an image to view and browse. I'm sorting through archived files, selecting work to be made available; if you're interested in a print of a drawing you don't see, email me. Thanks for stopping by, and hope you'll share.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

Ramshackle Review 4/June

The Moor
Cover photo by Karen de la Bald

RR4/June 2011 is live, here. In this issue:

Fiction by Jen Knox, Nicolette Wong, Jack Swenson, xTx, Danny Goodman, and Robert Wexelblatt.

Poetry by Meredith Weiers, Bill Yarrow, Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Lucinda Beeman, Al Ortolani, Tony Brewer, Byron Matthews, Jennifer Wineke, Jessica Bell, Laura Grafham, David Tomaloff, Rachel Mangini, Barry Spacks, Brad P. Olson, John Tustin, Ally Malinenko, Sara Basrai, Jennifer Blair, Amanda Laughtland, Darryl Price, Andrea Spofford, Susan Keiser, Emily Severance, Heather Abner, Tina Barry, Howie Good, Randi Beck, and Heath Corlew.

Black and white photography by Karen de la Bald, Laurent Miaille, Stefan Randholm, Annie Atkins, Kirsten Thormann, Helene Fjell, Quervel S├ębastien, Beatrice Belguiral, Marco Masciovecchio, Ana Moreno, Shlomi Kramer, Alessio Di Menna, Penny Hardie, and Netra Nei.

Also in this issue: Memoir by Maureen Eppstein, and Sheldon Lee Compton reviews Rusty Barnes’ book Redneck Poems.

As always, thanks very much to all who have contributed. It’s an honor to share your work in RR.