Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Reason

Often, when I’ve struggled, I’ve fallen back on the assumption that my skills aren’t up to the task- Or simply, for whatever combination of reasons, not up to this task, today. Maybe I’m tired, not at my best, etc. That’s okay; tomorrow I’ll be better. There are times to push through difficulties, overcome challenges; and there are times to Stop Now, give the drawing a rest.

But lately, I’m trying to keep this in mind, too: If I’ve given an element of a drawing my best shot, just can’t seem to make it work, there may be another reason. What I’m struggling to make happen may not be the best choice, won’t (even if I pull it off) serve the drawing well. No new notion, and obviously not applicable to every difficult passage that comes along- Most are simply another challenge to meet, learn from. But sometimes, too, a problem may lie not with my skills, but my choices.

One That Got Away

I’ve struggled with a couple drawings lately. Blew one I had a lot of time and work in- Too much work, actually, which I eventually realized was part of the problem. Though the drawing had some wonderful elements, the composition as a whole had grown too large, too busy, wasn’t working, and wasn’t gonna. Yarrgh.

I’ve been working a bit bigger lately, and I expected that drawing would follow suit. Wish I’d kept the composition smaller, simpler, focused on those initial elements. Time and distance do clarify perspective.

I shelved a second drawing a couple weeks ago, haven’t looked at it since- Hopefully, when I do, I’ll find its good points outweigh its shortcomings, and that piece is worth continuing.

If not, both projects still represent growth I value. If I never got overambitious, reached for more than I’ve learned how to grasp at the moment, I’d never grow much, either. What I learn from the shortfalls and struggles makes them acceptable, worthwhile.

No scans of either, so the first won’t make the Lost Episodes file- And hopefully, the second will prove worth completing.

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Swimmer Of Nights

I did this little drawing awhile ago, as a thank-you card for a friend; the jpeg is sized to load a little larger than the original's actual size. Ink (the stippling in the flier was done with a black Sakura Pigma Micron .005, with a wonderfully well-worn point) and graphite on smooth-surface Bristol.