Friday, December 29, 2006

One That Got Away

I’ve struggled with a couple drawings lately. Blew one I had a lot of time and work in- Too much work, actually, which I eventually realized was part of the problem. Though the drawing had some wonderful elements, the composition as a whole had grown too large, too busy, wasn’t working, and wasn’t gonna. Yarrgh.

I’ve been working a bit bigger lately, and I expected that drawing would follow suit. Wish I’d kept the composition smaller, simpler, focused on those initial elements. Time and distance do clarify perspective.

I shelved a second drawing a couple weeks ago, haven’t looked at it since- Hopefully, when I do, I’ll find its good points outweigh its shortcomings, and that piece is worth continuing.

If not, both projects still represent growth I value. If I never got overambitious, reached for more than I’ve learned how to grasp at the moment, I’d never grow much, either. What I learn from the shortfalls and struggles makes them acceptable, worthwhile.

No scans of either, so the first won’t make the Lost Episodes file- And hopefully, the second will prove worth completing.

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