Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Ramshackle Review 2 is live at:

Included in this issue: Poetry by Bill Yarrow, Lisa Zaran, Howie Good, Matthew Stranach, Robert Malbin, and Justin Hyde.

Photography by Nicolas Vigier and Thomas Wheeler.

Fiction by Melanie Yarbrough, Dallas Woodburn, Parker Tettleton, Len Kuntz, Meg Pokrass, Isabell Serafin, James Robison, Tim Etchells, and M. John Harrison.

Nonfiction by Mark Etchells, Shannon Cavanaugh, Denise Emanuel Clemen, and Tim Etchells.

Art by Sergey Skachov, Alexandra Manukyan, Sarolta Ban.

RR2 features selections from Christian Bell's Thinly Sliced Raw Fish, Kio Stark's Municipal Archive, and nine stories by Stephen Hastings-King.

Big thanks to all who've contributed. Special thanks to M. John Harrison, Barbara Campbell, Tim Etchells, Meg Pokrass, Christian Bell, Kio Stark, and Stephen Hastings-King.

Enjoy, share!