Friday, August 24, 2012

Small Truths

Happy to have my poem 'Small Truths' included in the new issue of Scissors and Spackle. My thanks to editors Jenny Catlin and Matt Schmid.

Saturday, August 04, 2012


That night I dreamt of Grace.  We picked blueberries, filled a rusty paintcan.  She was quiet but she laughed for me.  Some part of me knew she shouldn’t be there and I asked how long she could stay.  She said it’s you who can’t stay.  You’ve people need you.  I said nobody needs me.  I miss you, Gracie.  She said I know.  I’m here.  I said no you’re not.  She looked away.  I said I’m sorry.  She smiled a little.  For what? 

On the way back we came to a stone wall.  I said I don’t remember this.  She said you came the other way.  Remember?  I said what?  She’d climbed over easily.  She said it’s gonna rain.  I looked back.  The sky was a big Steven Sadler painting I’d seen in Smythe Gallery once.  Greens and grays and darks massing and foreboding.  A small figure looking back from one edge.  There was no wall.  I couldn’t find Grace.  I bent close, called her name.  She didn’t answer.  I’d dropped the paintcan.  The berries had spilled.  I knelt, picked at brushstrokes.  A thorn pricked my finger.  Somewhere a phone was ringing.  It was mine.  

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Right Hand Pointing

Happy to have six drawings featured in the August issue of one of my favorite journals, Right Hand Pointing. My thanks to editor Dale Wisely.