Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Philippe Mouchel's 'Le Mur de Pan'

Thanks to Philippe Mouchel at Le Mur de Pan online for the post on my work. I speak very little French, so I’ve been using translators to explore Philippe’s blog, which includes an online updating, with both reworked and new material, of his three-volume print comic of the same name. Though the translators don't help with the text in the strips, the imagery speaks for itself. His characters are charming, his environments rich, beautifully drawn, with dramatic use of light and shadow- Moody, mysterious, intriguing, inspiring. Looking at Philippe's work makes makes me want to go draw something, now.

Speaking of translations- For anyone who’s interested, Robert Couffy at Art-Galerie de Chahaignes translated an article I wrote awhile ago into French; it’s posted here.