Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Reason

Often, when I’ve struggled, I’ve fallen back on the assumption that my skills aren’t up to the task- Or simply, for whatever combination of reasons, not up to this task, today. Maybe I’m tired, not at my best, etc. That’s okay; tomorrow I’ll be better. There are times to push through difficulties, overcome challenges; and there are times to Stop Now, give the drawing a rest.

But lately, I’m trying to keep this in mind, too: If I’ve given an element of a drawing my best shot, just can’t seem to make it work, there may be another reason. What I’m struggling to make happen may not be the best choice, won’t (even if I pull it off) serve the drawing well. No new notion, and obviously not applicable to every difficult passage that comes along- Most are simply another challenge to meet, learn from. But sometimes, too, a problem may lie not with my skills, but my choices.

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