Tuesday, February 13, 2007

That Still, Small Voice

I’ve been working on two Waterworks drawings; above is an enlarged detail from the first, begun a few weeks ago. A couple weeks into this project, I’d finished most of the initial elements, done as much as I was comfortable doing with the drawing at the moment- So I decided to set this one aside for awhile, see what might become apparent, or at least suggest itself with the benefit of some time and distance.

Sometimes I’m ready to commit confidently to a next step even though I have no idea where it may lead. Other times, though, not so much- And I’ve learned to listen a little more closely to that still, small voice that says, Don’t.

Several of my recent drawings are featured in Little Gems: A Collection of Miniature Paintings, at West End Gallery, Corning, New York. The exhibition runs through March 16.

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