Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rain Tern Waterworks, Part 1

Here's a step-by-step look at the progress of my Rain Tern Waterworks drawing. Click on any jpeg for an enlargement.

Whenever possible, I don’t do much sketching before I begin a drawing- I’d rather sketch on the fly, exploring options, fleshing them out, revising, refining as I go.

Initially, I sketch with a kneaded eraser, lifting shapes from a gray background of charcoal dust. Elements established this way are more easily revised than if I’d drawn them with a pencil, and highlights that work well need less cleaning up than if they’d been defined by a pencil line at their brightest edge.

In the scan above, I’ve begun laying in darks with a soft charcoal pencil, blending tones, softening texture with a Q-Tip.

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MavelBrisette said...

bonjour Mark
j'ai utilisé la texture graphique
(et l'esprit poètique) d'une de vos oeuvres pour composer un dessin
sur mon blog :

j'espère que vous ne m'en voudrez pas de mes manières de copieur et que ma petite composition "à la manière de" vous plaira :)

bien amicalement vôtre