Friday, May 10, 2013

Trusting Fun

Here’s a stitched jpeg- from four 8 ½” x 11” scans- of tonight’s session. No more waterlines for this drawing. I liked this place as an island or promontory, but not the resulting shape or composition- And just as importantly, neither of the waterlines I tried were fun.  Had I paid more attention to that the first time, I might have made better use of the time I spent trying the second. 

Fun is underrated.  The kinds of depth, detail, effects, surfaces etc I want to achieve are work.  I don’t mind; at its most patience-stretching it’s still work I love, and the result is usually satisfying, worth the time and effort invested.   But sometimes I forget the importance, at least in an element’s developmental stages, of simply enjoying, having fun drawing this.  Fun is an indicator  I need to trust more.  If I’m not having enough, maybe I should be trying something else.  Tonight’s session was big fun.  I’m excited about what this place has become, and looking forward to whatever happens next.

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