Monday, December 07, 2009

Loch Traignarry Light at Ink Sweat & Tears

Loch Traignarry Light
- a drawing of an imagined place, and a fictional history of that place- is up today at Ink Sweat & Tears. My thanks to IS&T editor Charles Christian.

The original drawing is available on my website, and at West End Gallery, Corning.


Rachel Fenton said...

I liked your piece in I, S & T. Blurring of boundaries is good.

Mark said...

Thanks, Rachel. I've been lax about commenting on IS&T, but I liked 'The Fish Wife' a lot. Stopped by your blog, enjoyed 'Highlanded Here'- Always appreciate being allowed insights into others' processes. Seems no matter the media, something always translates, is useful, inspires. All best.