Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blue Light Phone

Looking north from the Sackett Footbridge. Up the steps, North Campus and the Observatory.

Two Kat McElroy pieces- one fiction, one non- from Eclectica’s archives: Laying On Hands, Best Ever Christmas.


Parnilla said...

This is more than cool....(c;

Anonymous said...

The purple in this - in the sky, in the centre - is beguiling.

Now I've said that, of course I'm wondering what it would look like with the purple muted, simplified...

It's a lovely photo, either way.


Mark Reep said...

Thanks, baby. Not bad, for our first night shoot.

Thanks, Fred. This and the Plantations shot have both been desaturated some to correct the big lights' colors and diffusion.

When we first started shooting again, I expected I'd want to make some files b&w, but thus far that hasn't often been the case.

Like your Brighton shot- Desaturated, it'd still be good. But I'd hate to lose the way that light colors everything.

My take at the moment anyway :)