Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Inn of the Seven Graces

Inn of the Seven Graces
Charcoal, Graphite; 5" x 4"; 10" x 8" framed. $800.00

Enlarged for detail; the drawing's actual size is 5" x 4".


Tom Kidd said...

Hi Mark, it's been awhile. The texture on this reminds me of the parchment on a century old book in my little art library. Is it possible you found some ancient vellum or you have invented some way to accelerate time? Whatever the case, it works nicely.

If you do have a device to increase the speed of time please stop pointing it in my direction.

Mark Reep said...

Hey Tom, nice to hear from you- Hope construction's concluded safely, and you're settling into your new space.

The paper's actually just smooth-surface Bristol, thoroughly overworked. Every time I finish one of these, I say I'll never do this much stippling again. And then, midway through the next one, I think, well, I'll just smooth this a little, right here...

When I was twenty, a wise friend told me that time passes faster the older you get. I was twenty, so it didn't mean much to me. Then.

All the best!