Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rain Tern Waterworks, Part 7

Here, it’s been about three weeks since I began this drawing, and a week since the last scan. Sometimes, my drawings develop in a way that seems fairly consistent, linear. With others, though, especially more complex projects that have already come to represent a considerable investment of time and work, I find I may need to take a break, let the piece set for awhile. Tired eyes, tired decisions, that I-just-want-this-thing-done stage sometimes seem inevitable. But over the years, I’ve gotten at least a little better at recognizing those times when I really, really need to not work on this right now.

I took a few days off from this piece, and I’m glad I did. The waterfall at top left needs work, but I like the elements to the right a lot. There’s a ways to go yet, but most of the composition has come into focus. Most importantly, I’m not thinking in terms of simply finishing the drawing. I’m having fun again, and I’m in no hurry.

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