Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Charcoal, Graphite; 4 3/8” x 7 3/8”

This drawing’s progress, like the last, happened in two stages: The stonework and tree are mostly charcoal, and took two or three sessions; the water, mist, sky are mostly graphite pencil, and took several more.

I like old places. Places where time has softened edges, blurred lines: What was found, what was made? What was this place, or what was it a part of?

Ask a relic hunter, adrift across a long night of strange stars, useless charts scattered about his ship’s wheel- Squinting into brightening mist, stirred, just now, by the morning’s first breezes, and parting: He might know, might recognize the find of a lifetime. Or he might only guess, or imagine, or wonder, much as I do.

Ask a dreamer, nearing the end of her long night’s journey across that sea, or another, or many, all whose names are Mystery- A dreamer who feels, just now, the warmth of morning’s first sunlight on her face: For a moment, she may remember this place, call it by another name. But ask quickly, before she wakes fully, forgets.


Anonymous said...

As a good rockclimber, I'm a fan of the way you draw your rocks!!
Impressive works in here and also on your website (there is a problem in the link to your website, a "<" after the .net)
I reaaly dig your good values skills!
I'll come back here, for sure! for I can't wait to see more!!

Mark Reep said...

Thanks, Anders! Thanks for the headsup on the link, too. Rocks, I'm good with- HTML, not so much :)

David Malan said...

You really do like black and white. Very nice work, I am really impressed with the subtle work and the detail. thanks for coming by it means a lot from such a talented artist.

S.D. said...

I discover your art thanks to Anders, who told me : "hey, come to see Mark Reep's blog, you'll love how he draw rocks, quite close from the way you draw them too!" And here, I just have to say that I'm really fascinated. Your technic and the mood you put into your art is just a dream for me. Be sure I'll come back! :)

I'll put your blog in my favorite. Tell me if you care. (And sorry for my bad english...)

EdoAvenir said...

your art is awesome!! i wish you'd post bigger resolution versions of your art tho so i could see the details. However i do really appreciate that you discuss your process for doing your artwork

Mark Reep said...

Thanks, guys :)