Thursday, October 26, 2006

Abandoned Waterworks

At 6 1/4" x 10 ¼”, Abandoned Waterworks is one of the largest drawings I've done to date. I didn't keep track of hours, but this one took ten days or so- Including at least a couple sessions spent working up, smoothing out the mist at the bottom.

I like mist I can see into, and the best way I’ve found to achieve transparence and depth is by building it up slowly, with many layers. I begin with a light layer of charcoal dust, lighten too-dark areas with a kneaded eraser; repeat the process; at the last, I’m using my hardest pencils to add very small marks and dots, and a dirty eraser shaped to a fine point to lighten or remove them.

Admittedly, a labor-intensive approach- But there are times when it’s the right kind of work for a couple hours. And usually, the results seem well worthwhile.


le Mur de Pan said...

Il est très beau et mystérieux, ce dessin.

Mark Reep said...


Andrew Glazebrook said...

This one is fantastic,my only crit is that the pics are very small when I click on them so I can't see as much detail as I'd like :(

le Mur de Pan said...

Bon, c'est vrai qu'ils apparaissent très petits à l'écran, vos dessins, mais c'est égal, ils sont très forts et m'ont beaucoup inspiré, aujourd'hui
(j'ai visité toute la galerie de votre site)
et donc, Mark, c'est moi qui vous remercie :)


Mark Reep said...

Philippe, le seul mot français que je sais est 'Merci '- ainsi j'ai employé Babelfish pour traduire votre poteau, et réponds si tout va bien. Merci pour visiter l'emplacement, et des mots aimables. Tout le meilleur !