Friday, May 04, 2012

Slow Time

Slow Time                                        Charcoal, Graphite

This drawing, Slow Time, is available at West End Gallery, Corning. Call or email the gallery for info.   More recent drawings are here.

My poem Collegetown is included in the May issue of Short, Fast, and Deadly.  My thanks to editor Joseph Quintella.  A related flash, Caitlin's Boots, will appear in the May issue of Word Riot.

As friends who stay in touch via facebook may know, I'm gradually becoming more comfortable calling one current project a novel. May not pan out that way (he sez cautiously) but it's starting to look at least somewhat more likely. Our Story So Far: Rock and roll noir with tragic deaths doomed guitar heroes ruthless women and a smalltime weedseller trying to keep his custodian job at an Ivy League university plagued by student predators and suicides and ex-Seal security leaning on Our Antihero.  Minimalist, unapologetically genre, big fun. Here's the link to an outtake called Little Yappy Dog

Thanks for looking, and reading. Hope you enjoy.

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