Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Rolling & Tumbling

Robert Plant from a 2007 Rolling Stone interview, on Led Zeppelin's film The Song Remains The Same:

I didn't know it was posing. It's only now with an older head, I go, "Oh, God, did that actually work?" But of course it worked. It was as genuine as the day is long. I didn't preen in front of a mirror. My mother said, "You shouldn't pout, it looks stupid." But I pouted because I wanted to be like, "Come on!" I wanted to be Steve Marriott, for fuck's sake. But in that environment, I was way past all that. I was part of some kind of new animal that included everything you see in that film. And I can't get embarrassed by it. At that point, in the film, I was yet to be twenty-five years old. And the group was dead when I was thirty-two. How can any of us have any critical overview about what we do? We were just on fire, rolling and tumbling — and most of the time, incredibly civil to each other.

Led Zeppelin's 02 Arena show was of course pro-shot and recorded but Jimmy Page seems in no hurry about an official release. In the meantime Wendy Records 2cd boot is the best I've heard.

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