Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sackett Footbridge

Sackett Footbridge, Beebe Lake, Cornell, 11.22.2009.

Summer evenings, when the sun is in the north, the bridge falls into shadow before sunset. But these too-brief autumn afternoons, the day's last sunlight still warms the stones. Up on the path, La Petit Chou makes friends with a cat.


Parnilla said...

Wonder if said kitty will remember us as we visit through the seasons?

Julien said...

Well ! I'm from Qu├ębec and I much appreciate the subtility of your art. Bravo !

This bridge is a dream. Really. And your illustrations are like precious constructions, zen point of view.

My english is approximative, but not the feelings of my heart. Sincerely.

Robert Julien

Mark Reep said...

Thanks very much, Robert. Stopped by your 'quetedesbeauxjours' blog- looks like the other's viewable by invitation only- and your work is great. Especially like the book cover, and 'Les Chessuers en Peine'. All the best!