Friday, October 02, 2009

Paul McMillan

Summerdays in Ithaca, we usually want mostly to be outside, walking the gorges, photographizing, etc. But with autumn arriving cold and rainy this week, we decided yesterday might be a good opportunity to get in touch with an artist whose work we've admired for some time, Paul McMillan. When we called, he was at work in his Enfield studio, the historic former Methodist Church building, and he was happy to give us a tour. It's a unique and impressive space, well suited to both the creation and presentation of Paul's work. On his easel was this night scene. For more on this painting, click here.

Paul McMillan, Oak Tree, Hay Bales and Moonlight
Oil on Panel; 20" x 16"

Photo: Parnilla Carpenter.


spottedwolf said...

Beautiful night-scape....

Mark Reep said...

Paul's nightscapes are among my favorites of his work. And even though the jpegs are very good, they can't entirely do justice to the originals- Up close, his paintings are that much more impressive.