Thursday, March 19, 2009


A hard winter on Fall Creek: The path along the south shore of Beebe Lake is torn up, and downstream, the old Hydraulics Lab has finally fallen. Startling to look down from the Thurston Avenue bridge and find it gone. A little sad, too. Before and afters, from the Cornell Sun and Ithaca Journal.

Not far from the bridge, someone's Post-it note, detailing their own hard winter:

I’ve slipped & fallen 5 times
1) black ice 7AM Weill Research
2) down backstairs of Baker Hall coming out of my 1st chem review session
3) in wet, slick, mushy snow on my way to Risley
4) powdery snow & deer to Risley Hall
5) missed a step going down Hollister (math)

Three new drawings- Loch Traignarry Light, Rorrach’s Glen, and Unfailing- will be available at the upcoming exhibition at West End Gallery. Featured artists are Brian Keeler, James Ramsdell, Wilson Ong, and Marc G. Rubin. Opening reception: Friday, March 20, 5:00-7:30; the show runs through April 24. For more, visit

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