Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rain Tern Waterworks, Year Unknown

Rain Tern Waterworks, Year Unknown
Charcoal, Graphite; 3 7/8" x 5 1/8"

Here's the finished drawing. The jpeg above is posted at about the drawing's actual size; click on the image to see an enlargement.


Sam said...

I keep wondering how they'll get across the chasm?

Tom Kidd said...

Wow! I like every version. Each one stands nicely on its own. I don't know if I'm brave enough to scan a drawing from the original idea to the finish. There's so much mess and mistakes to see on the way completion.

This is quite a mysterious world you're creating. It's a great place to go exploring in.

Now it's back to painting an airplane dive-bombing some 17th Century people on horseback while Austrian cavalrymen watch. I've got some long days ahead of me.

Brothergrimm said...

Wow, this stuff is amazing. I have a deep love of charcoal (I gravitate toward black & white & grey anyway), and your sense of realism is unbelievable!
I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but this reminds me slightly of one of the artists who did illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy.

Mark Reep said...

Hey Sam, thanks for stopping back- Hope you brought your waders :) You know, some rides, you're just gonna get wet :)

Thanks, Tom. I'm getting a little better about scanning between sessions. Though there're a lot of them that'll never see the light of day again :)

Doug, thanks- Charcoal's been my primary medium for a couple years now, and I feel as though I'm still just beginning to learn what I can do with it. But then, hopefully, I'll always feel that way.

Syl said...

I want to walk there, on the verge.
I answered you on my page btw.

I've found and read a city you may like ... Check the pic!

All the best and thanks for your kind, translated :), words!


You would be good to discribe this city too

Dragonfly said...

*lost for words, all humbled*
love the single tree.
i notice that its a uniform characteristic in most of your drawings?

Mark Reep said...

There's something universal, I think, about the appeal and impact of solitary trees. And of course, they're so much fun to draw :)

Andrew Glazebrook said...

Really superb this piece !! Fab stuff !!

Bernita said...

This is very, very good.
Makes me think of Escher, for some reason, without his hard edge. I particularly liked the tree.

Mark Reep said...

Andrew, Bernita- Thanks!